Frequently asked questions regarding guided tours

So many guided tours ... which one should I choose?

That’s easy: if you have limited time or you want to avoid uphills, book one of our shorter tours:

All these tours stay in the flat area around Interlaken, but you will be surprised how beautiful this area actually is.


If you have more time and want to see more – book one of our tours to the waterfalls Valley of Lauterbrunnen:

These full day tours include our famous Swiss picnic out in the green and will for sure make an unforgettable impression on you. Promised!

We are a family. Which tour should we book?

First of all it’s important if you want to take your kids on a child seat or in child trailer, or if your kids want to pedal the bikes themself. Kids up to 20 kg’s can go in a child seat / trailer. If they are bigger / heavier they can go into our family cargo e-bike. All these options will work perfectly for Interlaken tour 1 (2 hours) or Interlaken tour 2 (3 hours).

For families with kids who want to pedal the bike themself, our shorter Interlaken tour 1 (2 hours) might fit, but only if they are riding bikes frequently. If they are not riding bikes oftenly, none of our guided tours is appropriate unfortunately and you’d better take them in a seat/trailer/cargo-e-bike like mentioned above. Please bear in mind that other participants are mostly adults riding e-bikes, and although the average pace of our tours is slow, kids who are not riding bikes oftenly will slow down the whole group.

In case your “kids” are already teens riding bikes frequently, you might want to consider taking them on tour 2. This tour is longer in comparison to tour 1 and has some inclines, so only fit teens will be able to join tour 2.

Please be aware that for both Interlaken tours your kids need to be able to ride bikes safely and that they can’t join on bikes with balance wheels (which indicates that they can’t ride bikes safely …).

The longer tours (tour 3 and tour 4) are not appropriate for kids.

We are a big group. Can you take us on a guided tour?

Yes of course! Please contact us.

If your group is up to 8 persons, we suggest you take part on one of our standard tours. If you are more persons, we can go on an individual tour. We always need some detailed information about the planned participants and will come up with a suggestion which tour works best for your group.

Do you offer private tours?

Yes we do! Contact us.

Rentals vs. guided tours: what is better for me?

If you can read a map (which we provide for free) or you just want to cycle around with your friends / family, you are good to do a self-guided tour. We’ll give you advice on where to go (and as well where not to go) and what to take care of.

If you are not a hero in finding your way with the help of a map, if you want to have a hassle free time and at the same time learn much about Interlaken and the surrounding villages, culture, nature etc. a guided tour is the better option.

We are into hiking tours. Any chance you offer hiking tours?

Yes that’s possible. You won’t find these tours on our website, but we can have a chat to see what tours make sense for you and your group / family … Contact us!

Frequently asked questions regarding bikes and rentals

Which bicycle I should rent?

If you just want to cycle around in town or to only one of the two lakes check out these bicycles
If you like to cycle to both of the Lakes and visit the beautiful villages around Interlaken, we suggest our E-Bikes. If you are cycling frequently and you have no issues pedaling partly uphill our regular bicycles  are as well a good option.
If you like a sporty longer ride and you are fit, try one of our mountain bikes

We have all sorts of bikes which fit more than just one person (say one of you can not ride a bike safely). Have a look here

Where can we find your shop?

Please click here

We want to rent bikes, but need some route suggestions - please.

We provide free bicycle maps with route suggestions for any duration between 1 hour and 8 hours. Once you come to our shop we will have a chat to see what you are looking for and we’ll give you suggestions which routes do make sense for you (and which ones not !).

Are overnight / multi-day rentals possible?

Yes if we know that the place where you are staying at, offers a room to lock the bikes safely inside (this is due to insurace reasons). We know most of the hotels here. So if you tell us which hotel/hostel you are staying at we are normally able to tell if there is such a room. If we do not know the hotel/hostel you can ask if they would have such a room.

Can we drop off the bikes in another town?

You have to return the bicycles to our shop. In some rare cases we might offer pickup services, but that’s only possible on request and involves high costs.

We have kids who can’t balance a bicycle. What can you suggest?

We have child bicycles with balance wheels, so if your kids want to pedal you can rent one of our child bikes.

Please be aware that kids on balance wheel bikes cannot join guided tours (they will slow down the group and will make it impossible to cover the whole tour itinerary, so other tour participants might not be happy…). If you want to take part in a guided tour with kids, please choose the Interlaken 2 hours or 3 hours tour and take your kid in a child seat, child trailer or in the family cargo e-bike. If you book one of the mentioned tours, you can choose which type of vehicle you want for your kid/s.

We have teens/adults who can’t ride a bicycle. What can you suggest?

We have many options:

– a two seater bike: one teen / adult can sit on the back seat, and has to pedal along with the driver on the front seat. The driver on the front seat should be a safe bike rider and at least 5’7” tall.

– a three-wheel bicycle: no need to balance the bicycle at all, it has 3 wheels.

– Teens and adults with more than 20 kilograms can’t use bikes with balance wheels. Balance wheels are in general designed and constructed for kids, no balance wheel system is capable of holding the weight of an adult or teen.

Do you offer navigation / GPS devices?

No, but if you bring your own device you can of course use it. If you think that neither a map with route suggestions nor a navigation device is the right solution for you, you should consider taking part in a guided tour.

I couldn’t find the type of bicycle I’m looking for

Did you look for road cycling bicycles? We do not offer road bikes, nor do we know anybody renting road bikes here in Interlaken. We definetly recommend using mountain bikes, because the nicest cycle paths here are the ones which are not paved.

Die Mietsaison 2020 ist beendet!

Seit Montag 26.10.2020 sind Vermietungen nicht mehr möglich.

Eine besondere Mietsaison 2020 ist nun zu Ende. Wir haben unsere Pforten für den Winter geschlossen und die Velos und E-Bikes in den Winterschlaf geschickt.
Im Laufe des März 2021 werden wir die Saison 2021 eröffnen, den genauen Zeitpunkt geben wir noch bekannt.

Wir hoffen, ihr bleibt gesund und freuen uns auf ein sonniges Frühjahr 2021!

Miriam, Frank und das Flying Wheels Team