Our terms & conditions for guided tours and bike rentals

The small print

Disclaimer for guided tours and bike rental

In case you booked a bike tour with us, you will have to sign the following disclaimer in person before you can join the tour:

1. The customer undertakes to treat the Bike supplied to him by Flying Wheels GmbH with due care and to return it according to the terms of this disclaimer. Each customer has to sign this disclaimer in writing before he / she can take part on a guided tour or rent a bike. If the customer does not sign the disclaimer or the rental contract (for whatever reason), he / she cannot take part on the tour resp. rent a bike and the full booking/rental amount will still have to be paid.

2. The customer is required to check the Bike for damage and faults at the time he receives it. By using the Bike, the customer confirms, that he has received it undamaged and with no faults. If a fault or damage appears during use of the Bike, the customer is required to notify Flying Wheels GmbH immediately (e.g. by informing the Bike Guide or by calling Flying Wheels). In the case of damages caused while using the Bike, the customer is solely liable. If this is the case the customer must pay Flying Wheels GmbH for damage of the cost of the spare parts and costs of the repairs. In addition Flying Wheels has the right to charge the financial loss which occurs because the bike is unusable, for example because Flying Wheels has to wait for spare parts. If the bike gets stolen, the customer has to pay the costs for buying an adequate replacement bike.

3. In the cases described under figures 1 and 2, the customer expressly authorizes Flying Wheels GmbH to charge the compensation directly to his/her credit card.

4. The customer confirms that he and the persons he legally represents in the context of the contract with Flying Wheels GmbH are capable of riding an bicycle and permitted to ride an Electric Bike. Flying Wheels informed the customer about the applicable Swiss law dictating that the minimum age for riding an E-Bike is 12 years. In addition to this law-enforced age limit, Flying Wheels has the right to refuse the rental of an e-bike to any person, regardless if the law-enforced age limit has been reached. In case of doubt regarding any applicable law or policy, the customer is responsible for consulting Flying Wheels GmbH or their staff before the bike usage commences.

5. Taking part in the tour/renting a bike is exclusively at the customer’s own risk. Riding on public roads and off-road on many types of track with various gradients always involve some risk. The participant/renter is aware of the risks in relation to his capabilities and takes the risks on his own volition. Instructions from Flying Wheels are to be heeded on the customer’s own responsibility. The customer is solely responsible for adhering to the traffic rules and for his own safety, especially the wearing of protective equipment (bike helmet etc). The customer confirms that he is adequately insured for the risks inherent in using an bicycle. He acknowledges that he is not insured through Flying Wheels GmbH. Flying Wheels GmbH and its employees do not accept any liability – as far as permitted by law – for any damage that the customer causes to himself or a third party, or for any damage to the customer by some other cause while using the services of Flying Wheels GmbH, especially while riding an bicycle. Furthermore the maximum liability of Flying Wheels is limited to the fee paid by the customer.

6. Should one or several of the conditions of this contract be or become ineffective or invalid, or if a loophole is found in the contract, the validity of the other conditions shall not be affected. The invalid or ineffective conditions are to be interpreted or substituted in such a way to correspond most closely to the purpose of the contract. This applies in the case of a loophole in the contract.

7. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes in connection with the business activities of Flying Wheels GmbH is Interlaken (CH). Swiss Law is applicable.

Cancellation and refund policy:

– up to 7 days before the tour or rental start date: no charge
–  6 to 3 days ahead we charge 50% of the Flying Wheels activity amount.
– Cancellations made less than 2 days / 48 hours before the start time will be fully charged.
You can change the date of your booking free of costs, given that the booked items are available on the desired alternative date.
The customer accepts that any cancellation fees can be charged to the credit card which was provided to Flying Wheels. In case of weather which does not allow us to go on the bike tour because of safety reasons (e.g. thunderstorms) we will try to reschedule the tour. In case the activity can not take place (sole decision taken by Flying Wheels) and you already paid, you will of course receive a full refund of the already paid amount. We will refund the according amount (e.g. 50 % of your payment if you cancel between 6 to 3 days before the tour start date) directly to your credit card if you paid by credit card, or with cash, if you paid cash.

If you booked and paid via a travel agent or online (e.g. TripAdvisor / Viaotr), please contact the travel agent for refunds. The travel agent will contact us in case you apply for a refund to understand, if the cancellation was for a valid reason.

Bad weather policy:

In case of very bad weather which makes it impossible to go on a tour:

1. You can postpone the tour to another day (if that tour is available on that day)

2. We will refund your money / credit card payment. Please be aware that we usually DO NOT CHARGE your credit card in advance if you book online directly via us, which means that usually there’s no reason for a refund. After all the years we are in the business we found that it is best to only make you pay, if the tour can take place. That means: you pay nothing or only a little deposit upfront. If you didn’t book directly via us / our homepage, your (online) travel agent is your contact for a refund.

In case of weather which discourages you to go on the tour, we offer you many alternatives:

1. You go with us on the tour anyway. That’s what most people do, and remember: if it rains a bit at the tour start, the rain usually stops later. We provide rain coats which you can wear over your normal clothes.

2. You can postpone the tour to another day (if that tour is available on that day)

3. We can give you a Flying Wheels coupon / voucher for the amount of your tour. You can use this coupon / voucher yourself or give it to someone else.

Please be aware that cancelling the tour because you don’t like the weather is not possible. In case of very bad weather which would put the participants at danger, we will of course cancel the tour free of charge, like stated above.

Ability to ride a bicycle:
In some cases when customers have booked a bike tour or reserved bicycles, it turns out that they are not able to ride bikes properly resp. handle a bike with enough confidence to ride it safely on public roads or on forest paths. Please make sure that you are able to ride a bicycle properly before you book a tour with us or reserve bicycles. We invite our customers to do a test ride on a bicycle at home before signing in for a bike tour in case of doubts regarding the own bike riding capabilites. We reserve the right to exclude people from a booked tour when we see that riding a bike, in the light of missing bike riding capabilites, would be a safety risk for the customer. By sending your CC details during the booking process you express that you are aware of this clause and we are allowed to charge your credit card even if you can not take part on a tour or use the bike/s you reserved.

Policy regarding third-party activities (e.g. paragliding) booked via us:
If for any reason our partners (e.g. Paragliding, Helicopter, Skydiving etc.) are not able to perform the booked activity (e.g. strong winds, bad weather etc.) the booked Flying Wheels activity will not be affected. Together with our partners we will try to find an alternative date and/or time for the partner activity, but we can not guarantee that the partner activity can take place.

Privacy policy
We will not disclose any personal data to any unauthorized third parties. We will disclose parts of your personal data to third-parties, if you book their activities via us (e.g. Paragliding). We will disclose your name in order to enable the third-party to correctly list you on their participant lists. In case the partner has to reschedule the booked activities and they need to contact you, you allow us to disclose your email address and telephone number to the partner. That makes sure that you can be informed about changes in the partner activity schedules.

The data you entered on our homepage is stored and processed by the companies that provide the online booking software to us: Checkfront Inc, 777 Broughton Street, 3rd floor, Victoria, BC, Canada, V8W 1E3 (privacy policy:  https://www.checkfront.com/privacy) and app-room GmbH, Täfernstrasse 22a, 5405 Dättwil / Switzerland (terms & conditions: https://app-room.ch/unternehmen/agbs ).

We might have to disclose your personal data under circumstances, where we are enforced to do so by Swiss law (e.g. if you are involved in an accident or bike theft).