Our kid bikes: Your kids will love them!

Kids bikes with and without balance wheels

We have a broad selection of kids bikes and children equipment to make sure that your kids will have a joyful bike ride.

Is this the right bike for my kid?

Yes! We have many many different types of child bikes, from 12 inch to 24 inch wheels, with or without balance wheels, with road tires or mountain tires, with many gears etc. Be sure that we have the right bike for your kid/s.

Do my kids fit on these bicycles?

Again: Yes! The very small bikes are good for kids from 3 years on. And the bike with 24 inch wheels can even carry small adults or teens.

There is one restriction: the usage of balance wheels is restricted to persons below 20kgs of body weight. Heavier kids or teens will break the balance wheels, therefore we do not rent the balance wheels bikes for heavy kids.

We have some bikes (at the moment 2) with a three wheel frame which can carry guests with more than 20 kgs. With these bikes there is no need to be able to balance a bike.

Is it good for what I am planning to do?

Good for paved roads: Yes


Good for forest paths: No


Available with balance wheels: Yes


Available without balance wheels: Yes


Prices and durations

Duration in hours Price
1 hour CHF 19.-
2 hours CHF 22.-
3 hours CHF 25.-
4 hours CHF 30.-
whole day CHF 35.-

Students and hostel guests receive a discount of 3.- CHF for rentals from 2 hours or longer.

Overnight rentals

Please be aware that “whole day” doesn’t mean 24 hours, but from opening to closing time of our bike center. Rentals over night are possible on request. Once we know if your hotel/hostel does have a safe lockable room for bicycles, overnight rentals are possible.

Do I need a reservation or can I just come by?

Of course you can just come to our shop and try to rent the bike/s you want. We have a huge selection of bicycles and usually we have availability. But it can happen during peak times that the bicycles you need are already rented out. So if you want to play safe, it’s always better to request the desired bicycles.

Bike rental request

We need your mobile phone to contact you in case of any questions or urgent updates / info for you. The number will not be disclosed to any third party!

In case your mobile is not working / offline, we will try to reach your hotel in case of any important update / information that should reach you. Enter "not booked" in case your accomodation is not booked yet.

Details for the first bike you want to rent

Details for the second bike you want to rent (optional)

Details for the third bike you want to rent (optional)

Details for the fourth bike you want to rent (optional)

Please be aware that not all of our bicycles are available for multi-day rentals. Once we know which type of bike(s) you are requesting we will get back to you.

The bike season 2022 has ended.

Our bikes are in winter sleep now and will wake up again in spring 2023.

We are looking forward to see you in Interlaken!

Miriam, Frank and the whole Flying Wheels Team