Sweat less, smile more!

Comfortable E-Bike

Easy access thanks to the low step-through frame, a comfortable riding position and a soft suspension-seat make our comfortable E-Bikes ideal for an easy bike ride.

Is this the right bike for me?

Easy access thanks to the ultra-low step-through frame, a comfortable upright riding position and a soft suspension-seat make our comfortable E-Bikes ideal for an easy bike ride. Most of these e-bikes come with side bags to store your stuff.

Do I fit on this bicycle?

This bike is available in different frame sizes. It will fit persons with a body height between 1.50mts and 2.00mts / 4’11” and 6’7″

Good for paved roads: Yes


Good for forest paths: Yes


Good for steep forest trails? No


Child seat can be fitted? Yes


E-Bike? How does this work?

An E-Bike is a regular bicycle with pedals, but it is equipped with an e-motor and a battery. You pedal like on a regular bicycle, but once you start pedalling, the e-motor kicks in and gives you a extra-boost. Once you stop pedalling the e-motor stops and you just roll. You can demand the motor power with a little button on the handle bar.

Via this little button you can choose between assistance levels OFF, ECO, TOUR, SPORT and TURBO. Just raise the assistance level of the powerful BOSCH electric motor if it comes to inclines, or turn the help completely off. The support completely stops if you exceed the speed of 25km/h, so you will never be accelerated “endlessly”.

Please be aware that E-Bikes are forbidden by Swiss law for people under 12 years of age.

Possible durations and prices

Duration in Hours


2 hours (minimum)
CHF 29.-
3 hours CHF 39.-
4 hours CHF 49.-
whole day
CHF 59.-

Students and hostel guests receive a discount of 3.- CHF for rentals from 2 hours or longer.

Overnight rentals

Please be aware that “whole day” doesn’t mean 24 hours, but from opening to closing time of our bike center. Rentals over night are possible on request. Once we know if your hotel/hostel does have a safe lockable room for bicycles, overnight rentals are possible.

Do I need a reservation or can I just come by?

Of course you can just come to our shop and try to rent the bike/s you want. We have a huge selection of bicycles and usually we have availability. But it can happen during peak times that the bicycles you need are already rented out. So if you want to play safe, it’s always better to request the desired bicycles.

The bike season 2022 has ended.

Our bikes are in winter sleep now and will wake up again in spring 2023.

We are looking forward to see you in Interlaken!

Miriam, Frank and the whole Flying Wheels Team