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Your credit card details are only needed as a guarantee and in order to receive a booking confirmation. Please be assured that we will NOT USE your card in advance. You can pay once you are in our shop, either with your card or with cash. We will charge your card only in case you don’t stick to the policies explained below, which you have already accepted by sending us the booking request. Full or partial charge of your card will e.g. occur in case of a late cancellation or a “no-show”.

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Once we have received your CC details, we will send you a booking confirmation for the requested booking.

By sending us your CC details and thus booking this tour you state that you accept the following policies:

Bad weather policy:
In case of bad weather on the day of your tour we offer you many alternatives:
1. You go with us on the tour anyway (which is what most people do). We provide rain coats for free which you can wear over your clothes.
2. You can postpone the tour to another day (if that tour is available on that day)
3. We can give you a Flying Wheels coupon / voucher for the amount of your tour. You can use this coupon / voucher yourself or give it to someone else.

Cancellation policy:
Up to 7 days ahead no charge. 6 to 3 days ahead we charge 50%. Cancellations made less than 2 days / 48 hours before the start time will be fully charged.
In case of weather which does not allow to go on the bike tour because of safety reasons (e.g. thunderstorms) we will try to reschedule the tour or cancel the tour/rental free of charge.

Policy regarding package bookings:
If you booked additional activities together with a tour, you usually receive a discount on the tour price. If for any reason our partners (e.g. Paragliding, Helicopter, Skydiving etc.) are not able to perform the booked activity (e.g. strong winds, bad weather etc.) the regular tour price applies.

We are looking forward to welcome you here in Interlaken!

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